This is where science meets passion. Each formula was created with your hardworking pet’s nutritional needs in mind and is backed by our lifelong dedication to making quality, affordable pet food.

Protein sources — including those from chicken, beef and pork — help your dog build and maintain muscles, and work with carbohydrates and fat to provide your pet the energy they need to do their job.

We ensure each performance formula includes antioxidants, amino acids and omega fatty acids for appropriate nutrition and to specifically support different facets of your pet’s health and wellness.

Feed your active performance dog a diet rich in the protein, vitamins, minerals and more that they need to thrive — in training, in the field and in recovery.



We want to help you choose a formula that fits your performance dog’s specific nutritional needs. Provide some information about your pet, and our Formula Finder will show you some choices that may be right for your dog.

Formula Finder


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