Please note, some retailers may be temporarily out of stock of your pet's favorite formula at this time, and we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

We encourage you to keep a close eye on the inventory for both local stores as well as online retailers. We are doing our best to meet the growing demand and get available supply to our retail partners.

We take this supply issue seriously, which is why we are building a new pet food manufacturing facility which will be completed in early 2025. This will help us provide even more quality pet food to our growing Diamond family.

At Diamond Pet Foods, we work with a network of vetted authorized retailers who share our commitment to providing the best nutrition to pets, at a great value to pet owners. Because of this, we can only guarantee quality and consistency of product when it is purchased from an authorized retailer.

Purchasing only from an authorized retailer is important because products from unauthorized sellers may be tampered with, expired, stored improperly, transported improperly or fake/counterfeit. Additionally, information provided about our products by the resellers outside of our authorized distribution network may be false or misleading. Finally, in the unlikely event it is necessary to alert consumers to possible problems, it is not possible to do so through resellers outside of our authorized distribution network.

If you have any questions, do not see the name of a retailer in question or would like to know more about our authorized retailers, please call 866-214-6945.

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