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Diamond CARE Rx Renal Formula for Adult Dogs

An option for feeding dogs with kidney disease.

Chronic kidney disease is a common cause of decreased quality of life and shortened life span for our canine companions. It’s estimated to affect as many as one in every 100 dogs of all ages,1 but it is most frequently diagnosed in senior and geriatric dogs. Although chronic kidney disease can’t be cured, there are steps you and your veterinarian can take to manage the symptoms and even potentially slow disease progression.

Appropriate nutrition plays a starring role in the comprehensive management of dogs with chronic kidney disease. In particular, a therapeutic kidney diet can help improve a dog’s quality of life by controlling the disease signs caused by the buildup in the blood of waste products (poisons) from metabolism.

“Compared with foods for healthy adult dogs, kidney-friendly dog foods contain less protein, phosphorus and sodium; and they have increased levels of fat, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants,” says Dr. Alex Bradley, DVM, of Hamby Road Animal Hospital. “Feeding a food specifically formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of dogs with kidney disease is important to managing the health and quality of life for dogs with this condition.”

Diamond CARE Rx: A kidney diet designed with dogs and price in mind

Only to be fed under veterinary supervision, Diamond CARE Rx Renal Formula for Adult Dogs is a therapeutic diet intended for adult dogs with acute or chronic renal disease. Part of the Diamond CARE line of specialized diets, Diamond CARE Rx Renal Formula is a limited-ingredient diet that provides complete nutrition and may be fed long term as part of a complete kidney disease management plan.

This food contains controlled levels of high-quality egg protein to provide the essential amino acids a dog needs to meet their protein requirements and avoid muscle loss. Diamond CARE Rx Renal Formula has restricted dietary phosphorus, an important feature as many dogs with chronic kidney failure have elevated levels of phosphorus in their blood. This feature may also help slow disease progression.

To ensure dogs with kidney disease receive all the nutrients they need, the kidney-friendly diet also includes a controlled sodium level, guaranteed levels of omega fatty acids and antioxidants to help support their immune system, and canine-specific probiotics to help support digestive health. You can learn more about Diamond CARE Rx Renal Formula for Adult Dogs by visiting the product information page.

Tasty by design

Dogs with kidney disease often lose their appetite or may associate their current food with feeling sick. Plus, many kidney-friendly dog foods are bland compared to regular adult dog foods. Because dogs with kidney disease still need nourishment, the nutritionists behind Diamond CARE Rx Renal Formula paid special attention to the tastiness of this food. You’ll also want to work with your veterinarian on when and how to correctly transition your dog to Diamond CARE Rx Renal Formula to help avoid food aversion.

Stay tuned for more information about kidney disease in dogs and for tips on how to help your dog live a comfortable, good-quality life.

1. Lund EM, Armstrong JP, Kirk CA, Kolar LM, Klausner JS. Health status and population characteristics of dogs and cats examined at private veterinary practices in the United States. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 1999;214:1336–1341.

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