A dog sitting on the floor next to a desk with workers in an office.

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take Your Dog To Work Day Is Upon Us!

A black dog with its front paws up on a desk near a keyboard.
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From cat libraries to puppy cuddle rooms, one thing is clear: pets are increasingly welcome in workplaces. And employees are seeing the benefits stack up – they are more collaborative when dogs are around, more relaxed when cats are around, and more creative when any pets are in sight.

An interior graphic with text that reads, 'Fact: employees of pet-friendly offices are: relaxed, creative, team players'.

Companies also see increased morale, increased attendance, and fewer stress-related health issues when pets are allowed in the workplace. It’s no wonder that 20 percent of American companies allow pets in the office!

If your workplace is interested in becoming pet-friendly, consider these tips.

  • Create a dog policy with a committee of dog owners and non-owners giving input, outlining acceptable behavior and what might get a pet banned from the office
  • Offer the basics for all employees: pet water fountains, pet treats, doggie pick-up bags, and flexibility to take dogs on short walks during the day
  • Consider creating a pet-free zone for employees who prefer not to be around pets

Will your workplace celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day this year? Do you work for a pet-friendly company? Share your photos of your furry officemates on our Facebook page!

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