A cat sleeping comfortably on a bed.

5 Reasons Your Cat Sleeps with You

If you’re a cat owner, there’s a good chance your favorite feline likes to sleep on your feet, chest, head or some other spot on you or your bed. In fact, according to the American Pet Products Association, more than half of cats sleep with their owners. Many cats aren’t known to be particularly affectionate during the day, so why do they like to snuggle at night? Here are five potential reasons your cat is your BFF at bedtime.

1. The Ultimate Heating Pad

Everyone likes to be warm and cozy while they’re sleeping, and your cat is no exception. One of the simplest reasons for their nighttime snuggles may just be that you’re a nice warm spot to sleep on. Which is probably why most people like sleeping with their cats too — cats are like a soft, comfy heating pad.

2. Safety in Numbers

Like their big-cat cousins, cats can feel vulnerable at night when they let their guard down to sleep. Sleeping in a group can provide a sense of security and comfort against things that go bump in the night. Your rhythmic breath sounds can also provide soothing sounds for your cat to fall asleep to — unless you start snoring!

3. You’re Mine, Mine, Mine!

Cats like to mark their territory, so it’s not too surprising that sleeping on you could also be a way of telling the world “This is my human!” Cats have many scent glands, including on their paws, chin, cheeks and tail, which release pheromones that let others know that you’re their person.

4. My Human Is Purr-fect

Does your cat sleep on you and only you? This is a good sign that you’re their favorite, and by sleeping with you they’re strengthening their bond with you. Generally, the favorite person in the family is the one that feeds them and gives them the most attention.

5. Scrumptious Scents

If you use shampoo or body wash that has strong scents, your cat may be sleeping with you because you smell oh-so-good. Cats like honeysuckle and chamomile, which are common scents in soap and hair products. Imagine what would happen if your conditioner had catnip in it!

Your cat companion may sleep with you for one or more of these reasons, or they may have their own motivation that we’ll never know. Either way, we hope everyone has sweet dreams tonight.


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