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How to Remove Mud from Your Best Bud

Melting snow, warmer temperatures, flowers blooming — they all point to one thing: It’s mud time. And that can mean your dog’s favorite walking trail is now a mud path that ends with dirty paws and a mud-encrusted coat. Or perhaps even worse, your backyard turns into your dog’s favorite new game — mud zoomies. We’ve got some tips and tricks on how to get your dog mud free — until next time.

Remove the Excess Excess Mud

If you can see more mud than dog, the first step is to get the bulk of the mud off with a towel or similar cloth. This will help you tackle the mud by reducing the quantity you’re dealing with. If your dog isn’t quite that muddy, you could use dog wipes, baby wipes or something similar to clean off their paws and other mud-caked areas.

Dry It, Comb It, Shake It

One of the best ways to remove mud from your dog’s coat is to do nothing. By letting the mud dry, it can be easier (and a little less messy) to comb out later. If the weather is suitable, the backyard is an ideal spot for dog drying, or you could use an easily cleaned inside space instead. Once the mud is dry, you can use a brush to comb it out, but some dogs may be able to shake off the dry dirt and you can skip the brush.

When Bath Time Is the Only Option

Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but take a bath. Make sure that the bath water is lukewarm, as hot water can irritate your dog’s skin, especially if they have sensitive skin. Soak their coat and skin thoroughly, then massage shampoo through the coat. Make sure you use a pet- or dog-specific shampoo. Canine skin has a different pH than human skin, so the shampoos have different formulations. Shampoo for people can dry out your pet’s skin, particularly if they have sensitive skin. Human shampoo isn’t toxic, so you can use it in an emergency situation, but it’s not recommended for routine use.

Rinse the shampoo off really well because residual shampoo can irritate your dog’s skin. You can dry your dog with a towel in a warm environment or a hair dryer if they don’t have sensitive skin and can tolerate the noise.

Take the Mess Elsewhere

If you don’t want to mud-up your bathroom, you could take your dog to a self-service dog wash instead — especially if they’re crate trained so they can’t get mud all over your car. Or contact your groomer to see if they’ll do walk-in appointments, but be sure to mention your dog’s new mud-covered look so they know what to expect.


Hopefully you now have a mud-free dog! Well, at least until your next adventure outside.


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