A German shepherd sitting inside a wooden doghouse outdoors.

Which Doghouse Design Suits Your Dog?

Every dog needs a place to rest, so how about a doghouse that matches their personality? Does your dog need all the bells and whistles or just a place to take a nap? Here are some suggested house style/personality matches to get you thinking about the type of house that would suit your dog.

The “I’m Too Busy to Care” House

This house is ideal for the dogs that fill their day with chasing balls, herding sheep or tracking down that sneaky squirrel who ran through the yard last night. They’re so busy investigating, playing, sniffing, thinking, etc., that they couldn’t care less what their house looks like. It’s a temporary stop for a drink of water, a quick rest and then they’re off again. These dogs just need four walls and a roof, and you can paint it whatever color you want.

The “I Like to Watch the World Go By” House

If your dog is more interested in watching than participating — until something really good happens — then they need a house with a front porch. Somewhere that gives them a comfy spot to laze on while still having full viewing access. It also needs to have a platform for a quick launch because you never know when something will perk their ears up — “Dinner time!”

The “I Rule and You Drool” House

A two-story house is the perfect house for the dog who is (or thinks they are) top dog. They can walk up the stairs to their throne, rule over their kingdom and look down on anyone who has the audacity to approach. A place for treat offerings is essential, and if you put a pillow up there, it better be to their liking, otherwise — fluff. Everywhere.

The “I’m Going to Stay Here All Day” House

For the dogs who are rarely struck by the urge to run and may barely lift an eyebrow all day, a house with everything built in is ideal. A comfy place to nap, a close-by food and water bowl holder and a place for toys. All the comforts of home right at their paws. Because who has the energy to walk three steps to the water bowl?

The “I Am Spoiled and I Know It” House

If you (or other people) would describe your dog as high maintenance, this is the house for your pampered pooch. It’s the top-of-the-line, has-everything-you-can-think-of canine mansion. Basically it looks like you could live in it. And yes, if it’s the outdoor version, it has an air conditioner designed specifically for doghouses — and an attached “cool” tub for some summer splashing. Jealous much?


Does one of these houses sound like it suits your dog? Or do they have their own style? A custom house may not become a reality for most dogs, but it’s fun to think about!


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