A Healthy and Safe Halloween Begins with Diamond Naturals

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 | Pet Tips

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It’s trick-or-treat time, but we’re most definitely emphasizing the treats – Diamond Naturals Treats.

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  • One pack of Diamond Naturals dog treats

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On Halloween, make sure to treat your dog…to safety

Whether you win a Diamond Naturals prize pack or not, it’s never too early to think about Halloween safety for your dog. Your pet is part of your family and bringing him with you while you trick-or-treat can be a lot of fun. Just be sure your pet is ready for it; safety is extremely important when you’re taking your dog from door to door, in an out-of-the-ordinary circumstance. Here are a few tips to make sure your night doesn’t go from fun to scary while including your dog.

Naked is a costume, too

If you’ve dressed your dog up, make sure you watch carefully for signs of distress. If he seems agitated, allergic or behaves abnormally in any way, consider letting him stay in his “birthday suit.” You can always spruce up his “costume” with festive bandanas or a new collar (don’t forget to move the tags). And hey, we know where you can win a cool bandana! Also, when choosing a costume for your pet, make sure he’s comfortable. Some pets love attention, while others can get anxious or uncomfortable. If he doesn’t seem to be enjoying the costume as much as you are, consider leaving it behind.

Extra supervision is a must

If you plan on including your pet in the Halloween festivities, escort and supervise him on a leash. When making plans, consider your dog’s temperament too, as strange-looking costumes and sudden noises can spook a pet. If he’s high-strung or easily agitated, maybe leave him at home for the night. Be sure to keep your pet on a leash the whole time. A leash will not only keep your pet from bolting in front of a passing car, but it will also help you prevent him from eating dropped candy or other potentially dangerous things from the ground. (Now might be the time to train your dog to “drop it.”) Leashes also prevent dog fights and keep spooked dogs from running off.

Stash the (human) treats

The candy bowl is for trick-or-treaters, not pets. Even small amounts of candy (or any human food) can cause upset tummies or worse. If you’re feeling guilty handing treats out to every ghoul and goblin who knocks on the door, why not keep a bag of Diamond Naturals treats on hand to keep your lil’ buddy from feeling left out?

Make sure everyone knows his name

The one costume your pet should not go without this Halloween is an identifying tag, engraved with your phone number. Pets can escape through a constantly opening door or run from a spooky monster. If your pet should go missing on Halloween, an up-to-date identification tag makes it easier for rescuers to contact you.

You want to be seen and so does he

If you plan on taking your pet with you for the trick-or-treat jaunt around the neighborhood, be sure to include some reflective or self-illuminating material on your pet’s costume or collar.

Safety (for all) begins at home

Confining or restraining your pets isn’t just about their safety. Stressed or otherwise nervous pets are more likely to bite and scratch, and few things will be as stressful and scary to your pets as a constant stream of loud and excited kids dressed in all kinds of costumes coming to your front door. So for the sake of the neighborhood children, be sure to restrain and confine your pets on Halloween.

Keep your pets away from the door. Some pets are fine with visitors and may actually enjoy seeing the kids in their costumes, but even the friendliest pet may be startled by an elaborate costume and end up charging out the door, or worse yet, at the trick-or-treaters. If you want your dog to greet kids at the door, keep him on a leash. If not, put them in a quiet room away from the action.

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