Diamond Naturals Canned Foods Offer Tasty, Nutritious Options

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 | Pet Food

Diamond Naturals canned formulas

Did you know Diamond Naturals dog and cat foods are available in canned formulas? If you’ve ever thought about feeding your pet a canned food made with real meat and without corn or wheat, you’ll want to check out Diamond Naturals canned pet foods. Read on to learn more about these nutritious additions.

What makes Diamond Naturals canned dog and cat foods different?

If you’re a pet owner who is taking a closer, more discerning look at pet food ingredients or who believes your pet prefers a variety of tastes and textures, the Diamond Naturals product line now includes soft, canned foods for pets to enjoy along with their dry kibble.

Diamond Naturals canned foods do not contain any corn or wheat. Real meat or fish provides great taste and nutrition while prebiotic fiber offers digestive system support. Select canned formulas also include superfoods such as blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin and quinoa for superior nutrition and digestibility.

How do Diamond Naturals canned foods work with Diamond Naturals dry foods?

Diamond Naturals canned dog food corresponds with Diamond Naturals dry dog food flavors for a full flavor and texture experience. You also can feed the canned food as a snack or treat between regular feedings.

For cats, Diamond Naturals canned cat food can be fed as a meal, snack or treat on top of the Diamond Naturals dry food.

Can I feed only canned food to my cat or dog?

Yes, you can feed just canned food to your pet. However, solely feeding one of the Diamond Naturals canned foods to pregnant or nursing dogs and cats is not recommended because it does not meet their increased nutritional requirements. If you are switching from feeding only dry food to just canned food, we recommend you introduce a small amount at a time to ensure it agrees with your pet’s digestive system.

What is the best way to keep my pet’s canned food fresh once the can is opened?

Some pets, especially cats and small dogs, may not eat a full can of food at a single meal. Any remaining food should be stored in the refrigerator no longer than two to three days after opening the can.

To avoid wasting your pet’s canned food, you can freeze it in an ice cube tray. Once it’s frozen, place the cubes in a clearly marked freezer bag or container. When you want to feed the frozen food to your pet, let it thaw to room temperature first. These food cubes also make a great treat.

Note to cat owners: If you’re feeding your cat canned food, we recommend you feed it at room temperature as cats don’t always like cold food from the refrigerator.

Check with your local retailer to see if they carry Diamond Naturals canned foods. You can also search with our online tool to find a retailer near you or an authorized online retailer.

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