Dennis the Dachshund & His Amazing Weight Loss Journey

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 | Dog HealthPet ExercisePet Health

In case you haven’t met our adorable dachshund friend, Dennis, he has become the poster-dog for weight loss after dropping a stunning 44 pounds thanks to a nutritious diet and regular exercise. His owner, Brooklyn Burton, adopted Dennis after his previous owner let him eat unhealthy human foods like pizza and burgers. Brooklyn, a nursing student, used her natural instincts to help whip Dennis back in shape. As a result of her efforts, and love for this adorable canine, Dennis weighs a mere 12 pounds today! As you can see by the before and afters, Dennis is truly a new dog full of life and energy.

It was especially heartwarming to learn that Brooklyn fed Dennis Diamond Naturals pet food during his journey. Although it takes more than nutritious food to create a healthy balanced life for your best fur friend, we are always happy to learn that we are a part of a healthy pet’s daily routine. Another key to Dennis’ turnaround was an end to feeding him table scraps.

Dennis the Dachshund Before and After

As part of his transformation, Dennis also underwent multiple surgeries to remove the excess skin that was left over from his weight loss. The poor guy was experiencing pain and skin infections before the surgeries. It’s fair to say Dennis has traveled a tough road, but he can be an inspiration to pet lovers everywhere.

dennis the dachshund after

So what’s next for Dennis? Now that Dennis is living a healthy life, we will be interested to see what Dennis is up to next. Join us on Facebook to keep up with Dennis as he seeks to inspire other dogs and pet owners to live full, healthy lives.


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