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Possible Dog Poisonings in Colorado

In Summit County, Colorado, something has caused 13 dogs to recently become very ill with signs of a neurotoxin (toxin that affects the nervous system). Local vets are unsure what is causing the symptoms, which include stumbling, drooling, seizures, tremors, disorientation and other neurologic signs. Two dogs have died even with treatment. Vets suspect that the poisonings are from exposure to some sort of plant such as a toxic mushroom or lupine. All of the affected dogs had been hiking with their owners or had recently escaped from their yards or had unsupervised time outdoors.

Even though many of us say we watch our pets "all the time", it is easy for a dog or cat to ingest something quickly. There are many toxic plants that grow seasonally and often a very tiny amount can cause serious symptoms. Blue-green algae is a type of algae that grows in ponds and there have been a number of cases of poisoning of pets that have taken a drink from a pond that has this algae growing. The algae causes digestive symptoms, followed by liver failure.

Take extra care when traveling with your pet or spending time outdoors.

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