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Brenda, Norman OK

Thank you for Diamond Cat food. I have 25 cats (farm cats) in and outdoors.  I have bought 2, 40# bags a month, for the past 15 or so years. My cats are healthy, fat, happy and live long lives and will eat nothing else but Diamond Cat Food. In the past my cats would have GI problems, but since feeding Diamond no more problems. Thank You, Brenda Polasek

Jesse, Clearlake CA

Product(s) I am currently feeding my pet:  Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete

Hi my name is Jesse, I have been breeding A.P.B.T for around 10 years. I have tried just about every high energy dog food from Orion, Eukanuba, Blackwood and even Eagle Pack. My pit bulls could not gain weight or even keep the weight like they should. I kept adding weight gainers. I then changed to Extreme Athlete 32/25 for all of my 15 pit bulls. I give them 4 large cups each day each and by the end of the next day each had only one or 2 small firm stools. I was wondering where did it go? I was very happy, less for me to pick up.

My pit bulls stay nice and chunky during the cold season and even during breeding time, My males also stay nice and fit, and they don’t lose as much weight like when they were on the other dog foods. My females recover faster after whelping and the puppies gain weight very fast too. I could even start the puppies on Extreme athlete earlier than with other food because they can tolerate it much easier. And my 15 pit bulls have not had any kind of health problems on this dog food.

My vet asked me what do you feed these monsters? I told him Diamond Dog Food, and he said well, keep up the good work.

Yes I could save money for 2 years for free dog food but I love my dogs more than money. Thank you Diamond for the great dog food Extreme Athlete.

Kelly, Kewaskum WI

Product(s) I am currently feeding my pet:  Diamond Performance Formula for Dogs

I just wanted to contact you to let you know that I have been using your product for a year now and my dogs have never been healthier or looked better!!  My male has a sensitive stomach and your food is great for him!! I recommend your food to anyone who asks about dog food.

Melissa, Austin TX

Product(s) I currently feed my pet:  Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice Adult Dog Formula

Just a note to let you know that all three of my dogs absolutely love your product! Thanks for selling your product at such an affordable price!

Kathy, Hobbs NM

I just had to write and tell you what a big fan I am of your pet products. I ran across your pet food when researching the best food for my male cat. A friend of mine had warned me not to feed him regular store-bought cat food because of the high ash and magnesium causing deadly urinary problems in male cats. I looked at many food labels and yours was just what I was looking for. While I was at the feed store buying your cat food I went ahead and purchased dog food also, Diamond Naturals to be exact. I was pleasantly surprised to see a change in all of my pets; their coats were shinier, their eyes were brighter and they seemed healthier all around.

I want to feed my pets the very best food that I can but with 6 pets and a limited budget I have to be realistic so the bonus to all of this is that your pet food is so affordable. I was a bit nervous of feeding your food after the problems that you had a few years back but after talking to your knowledgeable staff and deciding that one problem in all these years of making pet food could be excused I made the choice to purchase your products. I am so glad I did. I feel like by feeding my pets your food I am adding years to my their lives.

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